About Stratos

With the resources commodity sector making up more than 70% of Australia’s goods exports, it is anticipated that the year to come will see these exports exceed $264 billion.  The increased growth is leading towards Australia’s resource business investing in larger and more technically advanced facilities to help cater to this increased demand.

The same can also be said of the renewables energy sector involving wind farms and solar power generation.

For resource asset owners and renewal energy generation companies, inspection and maintenance of equipment will be critical to the uninterrupted flow of business operations.  Asset Integrity Management Systems (AIMS), their managers and support staff will be the linchpin around which these types of businesses will succeed.

This is where Stratos Engineering and Inspections are here to help.

Strato’s inspection methods in conjunction with their ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards Engineers can help AIMS managers prevent production downtime through sudden and unexpected shutdowns.

Our inspection capabilities help to predict failure rates and ensure reliability of performance of equipment to prevent and mitigate hazardous circumstances.

We provide detailed asset integrity inspections through UAV and Sub-surface systems with capability for High Resolution Imagery (Videos & Photography), Thermography (Videos & Photography), LiDAR scanning & 3D modelling and Sonar imagery.