Asset Integrity Inspections

A new way to inspect & protect infrastructure assets.

Reduce Downtime

Strato’s inspection methods in conjunction with their ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards Engineers can help AIMS managers prevent production downtime through sudden and unexpected shutdowns.

Predict Failure Rates

Our inspection capabilities can predict failure rates which are critical to business operations. They can help ensure reliability of performance of equipment to prevent and mitigate hazardous circumstances.

Asset Integrity Imagery

We use UAV and Sub-surface systems with capability for High Resolution Imagery (Videos & Photography), Thermography (Videos & Photography), LiDAR scanning & 3D modelling and Sonar imagery.




Our inspection capabilities enable asset owners to mitigate reliability risk, increase availability of critical infrastructure and future proof operations with accurate, actionable information for asset integrity.

Underwater ROV





Understanding the potential loss of productivity due to asset failure is an asset managers main priority.  Stratos understands this and works with asset managers to assess and identify the current condition and loss of work risk potential for their business.

Solutions Focused

Stratos’s expert personnel are qualified to assess and identifying potential asset failures and risks and deliver comprehensive analysis to AIM managers helping them to develop rapid response actions to problems.

Continuous Programs

Stratos offers a program for the continuous and consistent assessment of project assets. This means asset owners are able to view individual asset conditionals over a period of time at the click of button.

Our Work

At Stratos we pride our selves on the quality of our work. We aim to deliver high quality assesments, asset imagery and reports. To enable asset owners to make the most informed decision possible.

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